EXNESS Company EXNESS Forex company, Russia's most well-known forex trading companies accept FSCM (Russia Monetary Authority), the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) regulation, global enterprises or individuals "can be chosen up to 2000 times leveraged foreign exchange trading to make money." . Accounts 0.01 minimum transaction hand, 0.3 point difference between floating point onwards, it is the lowest in the world of forex trading company spreads. EXNESS Forex Trading Corporation Bank rapidly all over the world can open an account and activated within 5 minutes, EXNESS compared with other foreign exchange company, is the world's only support Leverage 1: 2000 forex trader! EXNESS since its establishment, has nearly one million members, with ultra-low spreads and instant access to gold and famous. Quick and easy money deposit withdrawals, to support China UnionPay, dVisa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as including Moneybookers, WebMoney and other online banking payment, deposit the payment is credited instantly, without waiting. EXNESS Forex Advantages Online Customer Service: 24 hours online consulting, support call. Account transactions: Leverage up to 1: 2000, the lowest number of lots traded 0.01 hand, floating-point difference 0.3 point onwards, no commissions, multiple account types to choose from. Trading Platform: Support Melta Trader 4 (Jane into MT4), MT4 is the most welcome people, most users trading platform. Access to payment methods: support CUP card, wire transfer, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, Mastercard, etc. out of gold. Reward activities: send gold deposit bonus, trade incentives, rewards simulation game. The lowest point of difference: in many foreign exchange accounts opened on the basis of floating point EXNESS only official website of the poor floating minimum. EXNESS point difference most of the time in 0.3-1, and most of the time point of difference Roboforex 1.2-1.5, Ironfx floating point difference most of the time in 1.4-1.9 The fastest of gold: WebMoney into the gold is immediately arrived, CUP card deposit immediately, through the gold CNY customer need only a few minutes. Maximum leverage: with a 1: 2000 leverage, leverage can modify size, fully achieve the effect of a small capital big deal, there are the best reputation scalping platform. Maximum network speed: In all forex companies, with telecommunications lines for, EXNESS login and transaction speed is the fastest. EXNESS Forex Demo game EXNESS held a total prize money of $ 1,200 a month simulation game, race individuals, must have a EXNESS Mini trading account and a special contest account, so please apply for an account before the real race. A company or organization's quality management system through the international ISO 9001: 2008 standard certification, which made it clear that the company's management system ensures that the services they provide or distribute products are maintained at a high level of quality. Obtain such certification business has the following characteristics: well-structured, clear responsibilities, strict use of work technology, business process has been archived records and familiar to employees, all workplaces have adopted quality management program, but the most important point is that the company is improving. By ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, all employees have demonstrated professional, well-trained, and can guarantee the quality of the work to be completed. December 14, 2011, EXNESS Forex official website achieve ISO 9001: 2008 standard for "monetary and financial market trading organizations" requirements, won the international certification. Perform authentication audit experts from the United Kingdom NQA company (the world's leading quality management system of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies), audit results confirm that the company not only in the quality of management work to a new level, and the wide range of services by customers and co-operation trust audience. NQA noted during the audit, the company has made remarkable achievements: process management system gradually improved, the company "territory" expansion, continued focus on staff training and development. More importantly, this certification proved EXNESS will focus on the continuous improvement of the quality of service. And strive to achieve the best level in the management of quality, updated technology and processes "radical customers think customers are thinking," as the company's top priority. EXNESS adopt a pragmatic approach to business management, won the praise of customers, more so in the international financial services market famous, has a considerable advantage. exness Forex - the world's only support automatic teller official website forex traders stocks, futures, gold. Crude oil, options, EXNESS official website ultralow spreads, CySEC supervision, to provide "can choose up to 2000 times leverage, support CUP out gold, EXNESS foreign exchange companies, accept FSCM, Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) However, we never-ending pursuit of quality, and will continue to strive to provide you with satisfactory service Why EXNESS? Select the appropriate forex broker is an important factor in the success of the transaction. Traders choose our reason is that we provide profitable trading conditions and a high standard of service Metatrader 4, Metatrader 5, mobile trading platform, Webtrader EXNESS Forex rebate Group specializes in providing services to the financial market transactions. EXNESS is the only one supported by automated teller foreign exchange dealers, withdrawals without manual review, a second automatic arrival, really relieve financial security concerns! Quick and easy money deposit withdrawals include Moneybookers, LibertyReserve, WebMoney and other electronic money payment, deposit and foreign exchange transactions without authentication. EXNESS mini account (minimum deposit of $ 10), the deposit can automatically get an additional bonus (account after phone verification only grants a bonus), EXNESS no transaction costs, except between the lines no account trading commissions per transaction charge only low spreads, minimum difference of only 0.1 points. EXNESS in China Monday 5:00 to 6:00 Saturday, except on weekends, 24 hours a day, five days a week continued opening offers online forex trading. EXNESS using the new low-cost and low-cost international companies organizational model for sustained rapid development of enterprises and improve customer service provides security 1, EXNESS is the only one supported by automated teller foreign exchange dealers, withdrawals without manual review, a second automatic arrival, really relieve financial security concerns! Quick and easy money deposit withdrawals, support Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as including Moneybookers, LibertyReserve, WebMoney, AlertPay payment methods, such as online banking, deposit and foreign exchange transactions without authentication. 2, EXNESS mini account (minimum deposit of $ 10) or a standard account, deposits can automatically get a 15% bonus (account after phone verification only grants a bonus), instantly and automatically deposited into your trading account. (Both old and new users, if your first deposit have this award). EXNESS powerful online real-time support system that provides multi-language 24 hours a day (including Chinese) online support from customer service staff, excellent service and timely. 3, EXNESS no transaction fees, no commissions, no overnight interest income, per transaction charge only low spreads, the difference between the lowest and only 0.4 points. 4, EXNESS implement T + 0 transactions; allow hedging; buy more short sale Jieke; allow multiple transactions concurrently hold the list, and provide market transaction, the transaction price, transaction and other automatic stock trading incomparable characteristics. 5, EXNESS Leverage transaction support, providing up to 1: 2000 leverage amplification (highest in the world, only this one), you can help a small risk, with very little to get the principal to maximize profits, the minimum trading 0.01 hands. Example: unlevered enlarged trading, investment 100 yuan, the price increased by 10%, you can earn 10 yuan of profits; and magnified 100 times leverage: (1 100) condition, the same investment 100 yuan, the price increased by 10% you can earn 100 * 100 * 10% = $ 1,000 profit! Profits to expand 100 times! 6, EXNESS providing the most advanced Chinese MT4 trading platform, Chinese interface, the analysis period, including 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1, 1 week, 1 month and comes with common indicators users can also customize the index, providing a large number of users to download and import custom indicators to help you seize every opportunity to make money on the server. 7, EXNESS in China Monday 6:00 to 6:00 Saturday, except on weekends, 24 hours a day, five days a week continued opening offers online forex trading. 8, EXNESS use of new low-cost and low-cost international companies organizational model for sustained rapid development of enterprises and improve customer service to provide a guarantee. 9, EXNESS proficient in Chinese language customer service staff, 5 * 24-hour online service. Ready to solve the problem, there is no language barrier 1: What Exness platform server time? A: Our server time is GMT + 0 (GMT + 0). 17th April 2013 09:15. 2: Before I start trading need to sign any documents? A: Before you begin to trade without the need to sign any documents. Customer Agreement and related accessories constitute a public offer, at the Company's website provides legal information section. EXNESS you register an account, shall be deemed acceptance of our files, which means that both obligations described in the Customer Agreement. You do not need to sign a written agreement. 3: The processing center refused my credit card deposit. How can I do? A: You can try to be effectively paid by different e-mail addresses. If you do not work, you can try to make a deposit later, or contact your bank. Our company is not directly involved in the matter when customers pay with a bank card was declined. When you first deposit to account, we will forward your request, along with all the data you enter on our Web site sends to provide Internet access to services rival company for our company, the company will immediately forward this data to the bank. The company and the bank will verify that the data meets certain criteria before deciding approval (successful payment) or reject (failure to pay) requests. 4: Holidays and weekends when the market is closed can make a deposit? A: You can make deposits or withdrawals at non-trading day. EXNESS any broker or customer transactions involving insolvency or if there is a breach, may lead to positions being liquidated without your consent or written off. On request, EXNESS must explain, accept any bankruptcy or default, liability and other companies related to customer transactions. 7.Electeonictrading Electronic Trading In the electronic trading system is not only different from open-outcry trading market, but also different then other electronic trading systems trading. If the customer in an electronic trading system transactions, customers may have to bear the risks associated with the system, including hardware and software failures. The consequences of any system failure may be not executed in accordance with the customer's instructions, or did not carry out the instructions. 8.Mrket risks and on-line trading Market risks and online trading Forex trading involves substantial risk that is not suitable for everyone. Please refer to the Customer Agreement for more detailed description of the risk. No matter how convenient or efficient online trading, it does not reduce the risk of currency trading. 9.Quoting errors Quote error If traders offer input error or customer error, such as, but not limited to such a significant price quote or an error occurs, EXNESS services will not do this account balances resulting from errors responsible for errors. Authority to make any necessary corrections or adjustments EXNESSservices reserved. Any dispute arising from such quoting errors will be resolved in accordance with the initiation of the market price of an error occurred. 10. Internet failures Internet failures Because EXNESSservices not control signal power, its reception or routing via Internet, configuration of your equipment or reliability of its connection, we are not trading on the Internet communication failures, distortions or delays. EXNESS Forex bonus program condition Editor EXNESS Forex Bonus: the gold basis, depending on the volume of the planning period: Unlimited EXNESS Forex Bonus withdrawal conditions: completion of each total $ 1,000,000 (equivalent to about 7 hand) trading, you can withdraw $ 10 from a trading account. EXNESS advantage Editor Minimum point difference of 0.1 point No dark commission ATM 0.1 seconds after execution 134 kinds of currency pairs, the world's leading futures exchange CFDs Leverage up to 1: 2000